Five Tracks That Inspired Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers’ Debut EP

16 May 2022 | 10:55 am | Jaida Stephenson

To celebrate the release of Teen Jesus & The Jean Teasers’ debut EP, ‘Pretty Good For A Girl Band’, Jaida Stephenson shares five songs that inspired the new release.

(Pic by Ruby Boland)

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War by IDLES

Around the time Girl Sports was written I was heavily listening to IDLES most recent album Ultra Mono. I remember being in the car listening to their track War off the album which has this crazy dark bassline that kind of carries the song. I couldn’t stop thinking, ‘I want to write a bass line like that.’ As soon as Anna showed me Girl Sports for the first time I knew that was the song I wanted to write a War-inspired bassline for, and it ended up fitting perfectly.

TKO by Le Tigre 

On our first day in studio with James Tidswell recording the first half of the Pretty Good For A Girl Band EP, James showed us TKO by Le Tigre. It was our first time hearing it and we were all blown away. We wanted the whole EP to have that punchy fun vibe that Le Tigre pulled off so well.

505 by Arctic Monkeys 

When we were trying to visualise how Bull Dragon would sound in the studio we made a little playlist of songs we could use for inspiration. They all had the same theme, a massive and impactful build. 505 was one of the first songs we thought of for inspiration, the build/drop is the most desirable part of the song and hits so hard, making it so emotional. 

Wildest Dreams by Taylor Swift

No joke, this song had a massive influence on the EP. We were playing nearly every day around the time of recording and learnt all the words, we even ended up covering live! Even though at heart we will always be punk/ grunge this song really resonated with us. We wanted to bring in that pop element to all the songs and if anyone knows how to do pop, it’s Taylor.

Labrador by WAAX

This is one of our all-time favourite tracks. We love the way it’s so loud and angry but not in a scary way, but in a smile and yell and let it all out kind of way. All of our songs had a lot of fuelled emotions behind them and we wanted to channel the same energy WAAX did with our whole EP.

Pretty Good For A Girl Band is out now.

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