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Sweet Creeps & Outlaws Focus: Henry Wagons

12 April 2017 | 4:39 pm | Artist Submission

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What's the biggest difference between Sweet Creeps & Outlaws and your garden variety tour? I believe no one on this bill is capable of putting on a garden variety performance, even if they tried. The garden that emerges from these performances will need some serious weed whacking!

Whose idea was it to get the band together, so to speak? I can't exactly remember the derivation. I'm sure someone mentioned it somewhere, sometime in a damp and dark shadow, on a floor littered with walnut shells.

So which are you, a creep or an outlaw? A little from column A, a little from column B.

Are you planning on showing off some new tunes this time 'round? Or hitting us with the classics? I have been doing a fair bit of writing on the road lately, exorcising some demons. I'll be bringing out a new tune or two for sure.

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Will you have a backing band or are you going pure solo? There will be a bit of a supporting cast... but, importantly, not enough to drown out the song craft. We are bringing along Richard Bradbeer on double bass and Josh Hedley on the fiddle.

Can we expect to see some joint performances this tour? Yes on all counts. I love hanging out with these guys, both on and off a raised platform.

What is it about Americana that drew you in? I'm still not 100% sure what Americana is, even though I host a radio show that centres around it on Double J... and that's kinda what I love about the genre.

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