SunSets Fest Focus: The Ocean Party

15 January 2016 | 3:44 pm | Artist Submission

More The Ocean Party More The Ocean Party

Act: The Ocean Party

Answered by: Jordan Thompson - keyboard

What's the best thing about summer? The first week before everyone remembers that summer is too hot. When strangers and shop assistants can relax their social-skill-anxiety and just talk about the heat to everyone.

What has been your soundtrack to this summer? I have a relaxation tape called "Less Stress/Surgery" that I found in the garden. I'm usually asleep by side 2. So I don't know what the surgery is like.

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What have you been eating and drinking this summer? I eat Rainbow Crunch, then a PBJ sandwich, then smoked cod everyday, rain hail or shine, summer or winter. It's been a good year.

Can you remember/describe the best sunset you've ever seen to date? A few days ago it rained just before sunset in Melbourne. So there was a pink sky and a very thick rainbow. A plane flew through it at one point.

What can we expect from your set at Corona Sunsets Fest? A bunch of songs from our last couple of albums.

When and where is your set? 4pm on the Griffin Stage.