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Stop The World, Culture Is Not Dead! 2022’s Most Alluring And Unsavoury Album Covers

16 December 2022 | 12:01 pm | The GYROstream Distribution Team

Who hasn’t photoshopped their own face onto a can of soft drink floating in the Grand Canyon?

GYROstream, Australia’s leading independently owned digital music distribution company, has compiled a shortlist of the greatest album artworks of 2022. Each artwork has graced the desks of the team and gone through rigorous analysis to make the cut, all for your viewing pleasure. 

Adam Newling - Sweetness

The saddest song with the raddest album art. If there were an award for least information given about the content of a song via the art, this song would win. You’ll laugh, then you’ll cry, then you’ll vomit. Beautiful stuff. Also, thoroughly enjoying the nod to The Residents.

Silly Santiago - Cokie Pepsi

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An album cover within an album cover. Who hasn’t photoshopped their own face onto a can of soft drink floating in the Grand Canyon? The song itself appears to be a meditation on the addiction culture built into consumerism.

Krookid - Want It Now

The new Law and Order: SVU theme song straight outta Townsville.


Muna - Maksa Velat

The green ominous egg hails from Finland. It has an aura that makes me want to bend a knee in submission. The title of the song, Maksa Velat, translates directly to Pay Debts, and that is what I feel I must do.


On My Mama Imma Problem - Sowdy

Whose thumbs are these? Are they mama’s thumbs? Does mama have a green thumb? Sowdy appears to believe he was a problematic baby, but if Sowdy were a lemon tree, he would only make lemonade.

 Taner Remzi - Birthday Boy Shoes

There’s a lot to unpack here. A few jumping-off points: bejewelled guitar, hookah pipe, self-portrait as Elvis, flat beer in a wine glass.

Big Zaybo 103 - Why Not Me

Big Zaybo 103 is living in Gooey Grape Hubba Bubba City, population: 1.

Johnny Brewin - The Combination of Sound

Johnny Brewin is stewin’ up an aural combination hotpot (with a generous dash of soul staring). Also, pray tell, is that a gun in your cheek or are you just happy to see me?

CityPiss - Rather Be Workin’

Wouldn’t we all!

These resident piss heads are self-described as a warm accident in your pants, and this tune floods us with a similar warmth. 

Michael Morgan - Potatoes of Great Intelligence

When the alien archeologists find this image, we know we’ll be on the right side of history.

Robyn Payne - Private Runway

Britney, move over, Robyn’s coming in for landing and this private runway ain’t big enough for two.