Australia's Divorced-Male-Hipsterette Of The Year!

27 April 2012 | 3:52 pm | SPA Confidential

SPA Confidential is spear-heading a national search for Australia's favourite divorced male hipsterette.

SPA Confidential has launched a national search for Australia's favourite divorced male hipsterette of the year, with fabulous prizes on offer for an eventual winner.

First prize is a some-expenses-paid one night stay at a three star bed and breakfast in Australia's unofficial tourism capital - Yackandandah!

To enter, potential divorced male hipsters have to send an ironic picture of themselves - taken on Instagram and then on a polaroid from the computer screen - to SPA Confidential headquarters via Australia Post. A piece of cheese will be placed on each of the pictures and the official voting mice will be unleashed.

The polaroids underneath the first ten pieces of cheese that the mice nibble at will become the finalists.

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To vote for their favourite divorced male hipsterette, members of the public have to take polaroid pictures of the on-screen polaroid-pictures-of-instagram-pictures and print out as many copies as you can.

Then - and this is the important part - voters have to spam the fuck out of their friends and neighbourhood by dropping the print outs into letterboxes twice a day.

The contestant that generates the most hate mail to SPA Confidential's HQ will be crowned the winner and can begin to prepare for his hitchhiking trip to Victoria's crown jewel - Yackandandah.

We're expecting a huge amount of people to enter, including musicians from the '80s, Neighbours actors from the 90s and dickheads from the '00s.

Please note, SPA Confidential takes no responsibility for damages incurred by or inflicted upon voters and contestants while they're in the process of spamming the fuck out of everyone they know and pretend to be friends with in a sordid attempt to attract cheap votes and win the divorced male hipsterette of the year competition.