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Exciting Things To Come

4 May 2016 | 6:09 pm | Bob Gordon

"We have about 20 songs ready to go."

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They've been seemingly quiet in recent years - at least on the airwaves - but Sneaky Sound System surprised a few people last month with the release of a new single, I Ain't Over You, and they've been well pleased with the reaction.

"Indeed we are," says multi-instrumentalist producer, Black Angus. "It’s definitely gaining traction in the clubs now and each time we play it the response is getting stronger and stronger. We like it and our fans seem to as well, so that makes us happy."

I Ain't Over You is Sneaky Sound System's first single release in four years and while they wanted to return with a bang, Angus and vocalist, Miss Connie, weren't too overly-concerned about tailoring the track specifically for comeback success. 

"We just wanted something strong and uplifting and this track ticked the right boxes," Angus notes. "Connie’s vocal is massive and the lyrics have a message of strength even though sometimes it’s hard to be strong."

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While things may have seemed quite in Sneakyland, Connie and Angus have been busy with DJ appearances both far and wide, as well as writing and recording in the studio.

"It's been hectic and varied," he says. "We had been touring non-stop for 10 years and were feeling like we needed to take some time out to do some normal things - like spend time with family, renovate our house, build a new studio, get married - that kind of stuff.

"Of course we kept touring through Europe and the US and building our club night, Sneaky Sundays - both here in Bondi and also in Mykonos. And writing, writing, writing and producing."

The new single is only the start of further hectic times for Sneaky Sound System for the rest of the year and beyond.

"We have about 20 songs ready to go," Angus reveals, "so expect some more singles, a couple of clubbier tracks and there’s a good chance we’ll have an album by the end of the year.

"Touring-wise we head over to Europe on June 1 for another season in Mykonos, Ibiza and Barcelona, which is always amazing. Then we plan to come back and do some proper Sneaky shows over the Australian summer."

Meanwhile, what can folks expect of Sneaky Sound System's performance at the AUDI Art Ball?

"It sure looks like quite the party so we plan to turn things up a notch or two," Angus says, "and you can expect an outfit to remember from Connie."

The Audi ART BALL also features DJ Dan D Lyons (Harrison Kennedy), DJ Beryl Steep (Scarlett Stevens of San Cisco), DJ Charlie Bucket, acoustic artist Siobahn Cotchin, Co3 Contemporary Dance Company, a Studio 54 floorshow plus fashion moments by Jonetsu and Aurelio Costarella.

Originally published in X-Press Magazine