EP Focus: Skullcave

14 October 2015 | 8:05 pm | Bob Gordon

Did you go into this EP with pretty certain intentions on what you wanted to achieve, or were you open-minded to what could transpire?

We wanted it to be heavier. We recorded this release live and it really helped capture the whole feeling we were going for. I wouldn't have been as open-minded about that in the past, I like to track separately most of the time.

Is it different going into record with people knowing about the band, whereas when you're a little-lesser known there's less expectation?

I'm not sure how many people really know about us. That wasn't a thing that passed through our minds. We just always want to write the best songs we can at that point in time and share it with people who dig genre-mashing bands.

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What did Adam Round (producer) bring to the table on this occasion? 

Knowledge beyond his years, a cheery attitude at all times and a great studio.

Is the single, How To Tell You're Winning, indicative of the rest of the EP?

I think so. That song is heavy but melodic and just a little bit epic on the tail end. They're all kind of different, but How To Tell… pretty much nails the vibe.

What else is in store?

Riffs. Lots of riffs. And delay.

How has the band evolved over the last year as you've gigged and recorded more?

Well, hopefully we've gotten a bit tighter. I'm learning how to sing better live and in the studio with each show we play. We've been playing together for so many years that we trust each other to fill the spaces left for us in the song but not to overcrowd it.

What are your plans for 2016?

Lots of gigs, hopefully another tour. Definitely another release.

Originally published in X-Press Magazine