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SINGLE PREMIERE: The MCP – ‘Nightcrawler’

9 February 2021 | 11:43 am | Dan Cribb


The new ‘space opera’ from Sydney based trio The MCP is a “song adventure embezzled in crime”.

As its official description reads, “[Nightcrawler] gives you direct access to Zoltar’s Crystal Ball and transports you downtown to an inner-city crime war in a galaxy far, far away.”

The progressive electronica effort premieres via The Music today, and follows on from their debut releases, Vantablack and Dwam, in 2020.

“There are only a handful of things more iconic to the ‘80s than the all-mighty saxophone,” MCP told The Music.

“It was pretty wild exploring not only the sax but a selection of woodwind instruments throughout the two songs. Once we infused them with bass, synth and drums, the combination led us to find some solid themes to work with.

“Using less obvious instruments for the main melodies and to layer, the harmonies, led us to a slightly new direction of sound we like to call… #spaceopera.”

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Check out Nightcrawler above!