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SINGLE PREMIERE: Grace Sanders – ‘Green’

12 August 2020 | 12:42 pm | Dan Cribb

“A song about hitting rock bottom."

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The new track from Perth artist Grace Sanders is “a song about hitting rock bottom”.

Premiering today via The Music ahead of its official release this Friday and hometown launch later this month, the song was written while Sanders was working through a lot of things, including unemployed, the loss of a friend, her sister’s wedding, her dad suffering a heart attack and more.

“It felt like everything was piling on top of me,” she told The Music.

“My only method of coping at the time was escapism - anything that could numb how I was feeling.

“I wrote the song to process those emotions of loneliness and isolation when you’re only really at a party with a crowd of people you don’t really know or like just so you don’t have to be alone with the thoughts in your head and how ultimately if you keep running from those feelings you’ll end up tripping eventually.”

Check out Green above and head to theGuide for details on its Perth launch later this month.

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