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5 December 2017 | 1:30 pm | Staff Writer

"Kind of a fun slap in the face but with a hint of sadness"

Perth based grunge-pop outfit, Flossy, are here to perk up your Tuesday with their ferocious new track Burden To My Lover, premiering exclusively on

The new tune comes on strong with a strong punk undercurrent, cut with floaty pop riffs that will get stuck in your head for days.

The band is headed up by vocalists and sisters, Sinead and Lauren O’Hara, whoes expertly matched harmonies only work to make the song more powerful.

"We've been playing this song in our live sets for a while but it really came to life in the studio,” Sinead said.

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“We think of it as kind of a fun slap in the face but with a hint of sadness as it explores some pretty sad stuff."

You can listen to Burden To My Lover above.