SINGLE PREMIERE: Counting Silence - 'Faraday'

4 March 2021 | 12:42 pm | Jessica Dale

"This epitomises our sound better than any other track we've done."

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Counting Silence share their new single today, premiering exclusively with The Music.

The track, dubbed Faraday, is the Melbourne group's debut single and "speaks to that human trait of building a story in our minds, to justify something we've done".

 "This epitomises our sound better than any other track we've done," said frontperson Chris Fullwood of the track. 

"We hope it gives listeners a really good sense of who we are and what we do, before we take them off in a few different directions with our EP, releasing next month."

"We, as humans, can be stubborn," he continued. "Which sounds a little cynical... but I was writing this around the time our first COVID lockdowns were coming into place, as I saw people fighting over toilet paper and packets of pasta. But in a way, I guess the lyrics also honour that resilient nature of the human spirit, too."

“It sweeps you up, and takes you places you probably didn’t expect. Which is our idea of a good time,” added guitarist Wayne Bauman.

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