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Single Focus: Harts

11 January 2016 | 2:42 pm | Staff Writer

"Enjoying yourself during the roughest of times. Even if the world around you is crumbling."

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Answered by: Darren Harts

Single title? All Rise (Play It Cool)

What's the song about? Enjoying yourself during the roughest of times. Even if the world around you is crumbling.

How long did it take to write/record? The concept and music took about a week to write and do all the production for. The instruments and vocal recording was done over two days.

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Is this track from a forthcoming release/existing release? This track is from my upcoming second album. I'm currently still working on the album and aiming for a mid-2016 release.

What was inspiring you during the song's writing and recording? A lot of old school rock'n'roll and jitterbug dance music. Little Richard, Wilson Pickett and Chuck Berry were big inspirations with this track.

We'll like this song if we like... Little Richard/Wilson Pickett/Chuck Berry meets Outkast.

Do you play it differently live? We've started rehearsing the song for our upcoming shows, finding ways to adapt it to a live performance due to being a two-piece. Minor changes here and there.

When and where is your launch/next gig? 

VIC: 14 Jan at Howler.

QLD: 15 Jan at The Foundry.

NSW: 16 Jan at Oxford Art Factory.

Website link for more info?