Shock And Awe

28 June 2012 | 3:05 pm | Staff Writer

We grabbed a couple of bands who are on the High Voltage Festival line-up for a chat.

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What's keeping your band busy at the moment?
Riley Strong, Desecrator: Desecrator have been busy gigging our way around Australia since the release of our debut album, Live Til Death, mid-last year and more recently preparing for our first international assault in July.
Bomber, Depression:
Fun times.
Matt Young, King Parrot:
A few gigs around the country. We've been writing some new songs and we're recording our first album in two weeks' time.
Peter Hobbs, Hobbs Angel Of Death:
Organising European and American tours as well as going in to record a new record with Harris Johns.

What can we expect from your High Voltage set?
RS: A no-bullshit, high-energy Aussie thrash attack!
Punk rock.
MY: Squiz – doing windmills and busting out riffs. Slatts – possibly shirtless with penises drawn on his chest and being the funniest dude at the gig. Rizzo – playing drums and being the best drummer ever. Me – abusing people, out in the crowd and screaming.
Pure Hobbs brutality!

Who are you tipping to take out best on ground honours at High Voltage and why?
RS: That's the best thing about a line-up as killer and as varied as this year's High Voltage – a tonne of killer bands with careers that span up to 20 years and reputations that spread the world across. There is something in there for everyone and you would be crazy not to witness it.
Who knows – hopefully some totally wasted punter who has no shame.
It won't be us because we're playing at 6pm and no one will see us. Most of the bands' members are over 50, so if they can all make it through their sets then they all deserve best on ground awards. I vote Macabre.
All gladiators will enter the arena, the best will be left standing.

How do you rate the state of metal in
Australia in 2012?

RS: I think there are some really exciting things happening in Australian metal across many extreme styles. There are some great bands getting around and a really healthy crowd responding to it. Metal music is always going to be a hard road in this country but I think existing in that same hardship is what breeds the Australian sound that is talked about all over the globe.
With bands like Desecrator and Order Of Orias it's always going to have young bands that have the heart and soul to keep the metal flag still burning.
As healthy as it's ever been. There's too many bands, not enough venues and lots of ordinary promoters trying to rip bands off. Just the way it should be!
I believe the metal scene has every power to regain, and the younger [crowd] has to continue with its legacy.

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Which band is gonna pull the most groupies
at High Voltage?

RS: Women go to metal gigs nowadays?
We will have to wait and see. YouTube could be interesting on Sunday afternoon.
I think Maniaxe will get the most groupies, because they are awesome dudes and they'd appreciate it more than any of the other bands.
Every band will be equal in regard to most groupies.

What have you got coming up after High Voltage?
RS: After High Voltage Desecrator are embarking on a tour through South East Asia, dubbed DIY SEA. We are thrashing six dates in four countries over about nine days. A hot climate and crazy metal kids always makes for a memorable time!
Not much, hopefully record a new Depression record. That would be fun.
We're launching our album some time later this year, and playing Bastardfest and our own gigs around the country in October and November.
Hobbs Death Angel start their onslaught on the European market with Headbangers Open Air followed by other shows across Germany, Holland and England.