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Why Vinyl Is Important To Them

19 February 2015 | 9:20 pm | Cameron Doyle

The Adelaide band aren't fans of downloading.

Adelaide’s kings of emotional, melodic screamo/punk Raccoon City Police Department (RCPD) have been getting quite comfortable in the studio of late. With recent releases including the not so serious
A Very Skrammy Christmas
, written and recorded in one studio sitting, and more palatable offerings in seven-track release,
, the lads are at it again with plans to release a 7” split with Newcastle outfit Tired Minds. “When we did our last East Coast tour,” singer Levi Cooper explains, “we played every show with them and at the end the tour we were just like ‘fuck it, these are the sickest dudes we’ve met in a long time, let’s do a split with them.’ So we did... It was recorded at House of SAP in Adelaide’s northeast suburbs and we had Jarred Nettle record it, who is a boy genius. Tired Minds also came down to record with us so we used all the same equipment.”

Having the chance to constantly create new music has really given the five-piece the ability to hone their approach to songwriting. “Mainly Dylan [Cooper; guitarist and twin brother] will come to band prac and he’ll be like, ‘Hey lads, check out this riff’… We have a pretty good musical background having most of us studied it so we are pretty good at jamming songs and I just write the lyrics.” The latter is something that really drives the band and vibe that is Raccoon City. Cooper explains he draws from: “Just a lot of personal experiences and feelings. People that write about fictional stuff is kind of the easy way out. Instead of putting [their own] words and feelings on the line [other lyricists] just use someone else’s so I like to keep it pretty personal and close to me.”

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"It doesn’t feel real to just download it."


The split single will continue the band’s love affair with vinyl as opposed to more modern methods. “I just really like having and collecting vinyl; I feel very strongly about having a physical representation of it. It doesn’t feel real to just download it. I want something you can put to the music.”

The release of Nightlife also saw new distribution labels jump on board. “We’d been trying for a while and we had a couple of dudes just kind of bailed and we never heard from them again. Then some guy (Sam from Spit The Dummy Records) mentioned on Facebook’s Emo/Skramz Merch Swap group how he wanted to start a label and said he’d help us out. At the same time I had Darren from Dogfight in the UK start messaging me and I thought this is a great opportunity because I thought I can have both of them do it and I don’t have to plan anything. The split with Tired Minds will be out through Spit The Dummy as well most probably, we haven’t got everything confirmed but it should be out in a few months.”