Hot Local Gig Spotlight: Punktured

26 April 2012 | 6:27 pm | Staff Writer

It is with great excitement that The Stanleys announce they have been invited to play the world's largest music festival, Summerfest 2012, set on the banks of Lake Michigan in Milwaukee, Wisconsin USA. They've also got a bunch of other USA/Canada dates in July, and you can see why Thursday 26 April when they play Mustang Bar alongside The Vans and Foam.

Who's playing your event and who should punters be most excited about seeing? The Decline, 10 Past 6, Blindspot, Silver Lizard, Castle Bravo and Double Shots. All bands are worthy of being excited about, they all know how to rock out.

What gave you the idea/theme for this show? The show is the second instalment of Punktured which is a show of just punk bands. It's a running series that we hope to continue so we can showcase Perth's talent.

What does your gig offer that others don't? Double Shots begin as doors open with an acoustic set of punk covers to get you pumped as you walk through the door and from then on it's just straight-up punk mayhem. With a Punktured show there is no genre swapping so you know what you are gonna get.

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What made you pick this venue? The Rocket Room is a great venue, very central and easy to get to. Everyone loves the Rocket Room.

What's next for your band company? Blind Spot are hoping to put on more shows as well as another Punktured towards the end of the year. Hopefully we will look at recording later in the year. But for now we are just looking at playing and getting our demo out, and also playing Wednesday 2 May at Rosemount Hotel.

Punktured is held at Rocket Room, Northbridge Friday 27 April