Promiscuous: Hey ‘Sis.

2 December 2002 | 1:00 am | Brett Collingwood
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The Sym Of Us.

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Promiscuous launch Symbiosis at The Zoo on Friday.

One of the most original and idiosyncratic bands on the Brisbane scene, Promiscuous effortlessly blend seemingly disparate genres like funk, dub, folk, drum'n'bass and ambient into a seamless and captivating whole. The six-piece's live shows are the stuff of legend, as anyone who witnessed their closing slot on the Groove Inn stage at the recent Market Day will attest. So if you're smart you'll get your ass down to the Zoo this Friday night as Promiscuous launch their brand new EP Symbiosis. One of the most immaculately produced and intricately arranged releases I've ever heard from an independent Brisbane band, Symbiosis is a world-class product bristling with imagination and stellar musicianship. I caught up with Andrew from the band to get the low-down on what we can expect from the launch.

"We have two support acts which are pretty special," he enthuses. "We've got Kafka, they're beautiful people. They're young jazz cats and they just put so much love and energy into Brisbane; their vibe's gonna kick off the night, and then Skin; I don't know if you know Greg Sheehan, he's an East Coast rhythm magician, he's unbelievable. We've also got some lighting and video installations and a little bit of artwork to put up. So we're going to decorate The Zoo, but we'll keep it pretty subtle, we don't want to overpower the music with visuals."

How was Market Day for you?

"That was brilliant. It was a great Market Day; I was most impressed with the different stages and the organisation, it was one of the best I can recall. It was an honour to be headlining the Groove Inn, it was a wicked stage with some great music during the day, and to be wrapping up the Market Day there was an amazing experience."

With a recording of such phenomenal quality under your collective belt, have you considered canvassing some major label interest?

"I think at the moment I'm really enjoying being independent. Funk Folk (Brisbane indie label) has been really incredible for us; they've put in incredible amounts of work to promote us and have just helped us in so many ways I can't even go into it. Also they're extremely flexible, which I think is something we may lose if we start talking to majors, is the flexibility in the future and in what we want to do. I think Funk Folk have always trusted us all the way as far as what we're trying to achieve and trying to tell people with our music. I think that's a very necessary thing for creativity."