PREMIERE: ROI - Second Skin

14 January 2016 | 1:00 pm | Staff Writer

Brisbane duo ROI — that is, Matt Schrader and Barnaby Gickel — have a brand new track and video for us today, in the form of Second Skin

The single is their first from their expansive new project, a product of their jam sessions with a slew of musicians and music industry figures, including Konstantin Kersting of The Belligerents and Alan Boyle.

Their eclectic but bass-heavy tastes come through on the track and the accompanying video is a simple one, featuring both Schrader and Gickel driving, leaving us to focus on the soundscape they've created.  

ROI say of the video, "The film clip derives from Alan's lyrical 'drive', so the traffic in the background in the photo is essentially us in the clip, tapping into that chaotic feel of traffic."

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