PREMIERE: Jordie Lane - Frederick Steele McNeil Ferguson

25 February 2016 | 3:32 pm | Staff Writer

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Indie-folk troubadour Jordie Lane will be unveiling a brand new single tomorrow, a new track from his eagerly anticipated third record. However, we're lucky enough to be streaming Frederick Steele McNeil Ferguson (it is a mouthful) today on, so get your headphones on.

You can almost see the sun beating down on tin rooftops, the dust swirling at your feet. The song is said to be "a homegrown tale between a world war one veteran and the concept of ancestral sin passing down through generations", and was recorded and engineered by Lane himself, working at his own schedule in LA in a converted garage.

"With the studio doubling as a kitchen, and no actual door to the bedroom, there was really no escaping making this music. I worked night-shift hours, exactly how I pleased. I’d wake up at 4:30 in the afternoon just to see the winter sun go down, fry up some eggs, and walk the local streets at dusk with a cup of shitty coffee. Then I would work from about 6pm till 8am just in time to see the sunrise the next morning!

"I’ve realised it’s not only liberating but necessary for me to do it this way, and I just wasn’t hopeful of finding a studio, engineers and session musos who were all going to be cool with this schedule, so I just thought, I’ll do this myself."

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You can pick the song up at Bandcamp or iTunes.