PREMIERE: Horrorwood Mannequins - The Hard Way

30 October 2015 | 12:31 pm | Staff Writer

Sydney-based horror-punk heroes Horrorwood Mannequins have been ramping up to the release of their debut studio album, The Hard Way, for a while now, having preceded the new work with killer single Nightmares and a series of launch shows back in July — though that's only one chapter in the record's genesis, having taken the better part of three years to pull together.

Now, the band are ready and raring to unveil the deliciously rotten fruits of their labour, and is stoked to be premiering The Hard Way in full today as the album makes its way into the world officially. It wastes no time drawing in its listeners with the glitchy, unsettling sounds of its intro track, dashing out the gate proper with the driven ferocity of Nightmares. It's triumphant chaos and cacophony from there out, the album's songs refusing to lighten their step or loosen their vice-like grip as the band breathlessly rages through its 14-track duration.

It was an album that didn't come easily — "We didn't call it The Hard Way for nothing," frontman Audri Medicate told The Music — and the band admit that, next time at bat, they'd do "probably everything" differently, but given the obstacles overcome on the way to unveiling their long-awaited debut full-length, they can definitely be proud of the product they've put out today.

If you're inclined to agree, and in the Sydney area, we'd recommend heading out to Frankie's Pizza By The Slice tomorrow, 31 October, to help the band celebrate the album's arrival at their launch gig. Being Halloween — and the Horrorwood Mannequins being the Horrorwood Mannequins — expect things to get messy at least in a figurative sense, but probably also definitely in a physical one.

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The Hard Way is out today via Unbreakable Records. Head to Horrorwood Mannequins' Facebook page for more information.

For more details and further show dates and venues, see theGuide or check The Music App.