Pizza, Cats & Lego Building: On Tour With Alex The Astronaut - Part One

23 October 2017 | 4:51 pm | Alex The Astronaut

Hello! This is Alex the Astronaut here.

I've just started my very first Australian tour. It started off at the Sydney Observatory where "The Plot" took me to look at some very cool telescopes (the dome in the background), and we looked at star maps and many other cool things. And they bought me a Lego lunar rover for my trip!!!

Then I made my way to Brisbane for the first part of the tour. I had a little practise of my set at my cousin's house and Lola the cat decided to distract me. She's such a cheeky munchkin.

Made my way to Black Bear Lodge for sound check. I had a Hawaiian pizza for dinner and met Jordan Merrick and Clea who were playing with me and both were wonderful. After sound check I had a quick mini nap ready for show time.

I've never had a crowd sing a long like they did in Brisbane it was crazy. I was almost worried that I'd mix up the words because they were singing everything so well it was a really humbling experience. I loved it. I got to tell some jokes, sing my songs and I wasn't even nervous, I just had a great time.

Even better, I met some very cool people afterwards and one lovely lady called Annika made me a balloon version of me and a rocket!!!

Then I had a chilled day to recover from all the excitement. I hung out with Lola, she doesn't love me but I'm okay with it and I still I love her.

I also spent time with Louis who is bullied by Lola but is still a very happy dog. Lola sometimes jumps out at him from around corners and so he comes and hides with me to escape. Overall a great day filled with great pets.

Then it was off to Byron Bay to play at The Treehouse. I had another Hawaiian pizza and watched Angie Hudson and Bradley Stone play their songs. They were great. It was a beautiful venue and the wine was flowing so the crowd was very energetic and supportive. Another great night.

I got home to Sydney and decided to finish off my Lego. It was far more difficult than I thought it would be but I got there in the end. Next weekend Sydney, Wollongong, then Melbourne. I'll have to find more pizza, cats, and Lego in all those places.

Thanks for joining me,