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Personal Best Records: Beccy Cole

17 March 2016 | 4:59 pm | Staff Writer

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Best record you stole from your folks’ collection? Dolly Parton's Coat Of Many Colours. This was the beginning of my longest love affair.
First record you bought? The Nolans' Making Waves. They were an all-girl band in the '70s and '80s. I wanted to be one.
Record you put on when you’re really miserable? Shane Nicholson's Familiar Ghosts. Just to push me right over that miserable edge.
Record you put on when you bring someone home? Diana Krall's Live In Paris. It fits most occasions!
Most surprising record in your collection? Maybe Kevin Bloody Wilson, maybe Bette Midler, maybe AC/DC, there's more hard rock in my collection than people expect.
Last thing you bought/downloaded?: Rebecca Lee Nye, an up and coming Aussie artist from Vic. She's great!
When and where are your next gigs? Wed 30 Mar, Wintersun Hotel, Geraldton; Thurs 31, Chequers Hotel, Bullsbrook; Fri 1 Apr, Charles Hotel; Sat 2 Apr, Ravenswood Hotel; Sun 3 Apr, The Deck Marina Bar and Restaurant, Busselton
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