Ozfest Focus: Art Vs Science

18 January 2016 | 5:01 pm | Artist Submission

"It's a dangerous place, this Great Southern Land."

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Answered by: Jim Finn — Keys/vocals/fly kicks

Will you do an Australian themed set at Ozfest? If so, what have you planned? Planning a lot of sun cream. Perhaps we'll squirt people with it from the stage. Giant cannons of the stuff exploding over the mosh pit. Sun safety first!

What's your fave thing about events around Australia Day? Friends, swimming and the Hottest 100 countdown — though it can be quite nerve-racking if we have any songs eligible. Then I'll just nervously pace around the party all day wondering if we'll make it in or not.

What's something that's quintessentially Australian? Having our Prime Minister Harold Holt disappear and probably having been eaten by a shark. He just wanted to relax and go for a surf. It's a dangerous place, this Great Southern Land.

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Do you think there's a difference between playing a big event like Ozfest when there is an all Aussie bill as opposed to when international acts feature? I imagine there's a more relaxed atmosphere backstage. Aussie bands are pretty chilled — not us, though. I hope there's some backstage cricket happening. In fact, I'll call the festival now and add the necessary equipment to our rider.

What time are you playing at Ozfest? Don't know, I'll have to check the tour book — hope it's at night. Then we can bring our giant crystals we made as stage props. They glow and change colour — they're our greatest creation.