One of One Breakfast: Celebrating Women Throughout The Years

7 March 2023 | 1:38 pm | Staff Writer

One Of One are a powerhouse charity that dedicates their entire practice to supporting and uplifting women and gender-nonconforming people within the music industry. Each year they hold a breakfast to celebrate the incredible contributions that women and gender-nonconforming people make within the industry and today, we get to stroll down memory lane ahead of their 2023 events.

Pic by Tanya Volt

Pic by Tanya Volt

More Amanda Palmer More Amanda Palmer

Year One (2017)

Bakehouse Studio hosted, Jen Cloher’s incredibly honest and moving keynote speech, Women in Australian Music Can No Longer be Erased from the History Books, where she got real about the challenges of being in the public eye. Also Amanda Palmer’s surprise performance!

Pic by Michelle Grace Hunder and Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore

Pic by Michelle Grace Hunder and Claudia Sangiorgi Dalimore

Year Two (2018) 

Abbotsford Convent. Highlight was Linda Bosidis’ incredibly moving keynote that had the audience in tears, also performances by Ali Barter, Kaiit and Stella Donnelly. 

Pic by Nikki Williams

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Pic by Nikki Williams

Year Three (2019) 

First year in Sydney, with a powerful poem by Lorna Munroe, The Sovereignty of Water. Melbourne involved Vika and Linda Bull’s keynote speech, and performances by Kee’ahn and Laura Jean with a special duet by Gretta Ray and Ainslie Wills to close. 

Pic by Jess Gleeson

Year Four (2020)

First time in Adelaide, with events also in Sydney and Melbourne. 

Adelaide @ the Gov. Special event for the community, MCs and event produced by Anne Wiberg. Pic by Kay Cann

Pic by Kay Cann

Sydney @ The Imperial Hotel. Incredible keynote by Sahara Herald from Frontier Touring, special and fun performance by The Merindas and welcome to country from iconic first nations drag performer Nana Miss Kouri. 
Pic by Paige Warton

Melbourne @ The Forum - special keynote by First Nations Opera singer - Deborah Cheetham (AM). Performances by Mindy Meng Wang, Kira Puru and Allara. Produced by Johanna Greenway from The Boss Experience Agency. 

Pic by Tanya Volt

Year Five (2021 COVID)

Melbourne @ Sidney Myer Music Bowl. Produced by Penny Drop/Emily York and was days after Michael Gudinski (AM)’s passing. Mushroom have always been a huge supporter of our event, so we invited the women of Mushroom to come and be together, and Susan Heymann flew down to speak with Linda Bosidis about Michael, and his support of the women of Mushroom. Keynote by Gordi (photos here) who was a medical doctor throughout COVID, working with COVID patients and also released her second album. 

Pic by Tanya Volt

Pic by Tanya Volt

Year Six (2022)

We partnered with the AIR women in music program, and events were held in Melbourne, Sydney, Darwin and Adelaide. It was our first time in Darwin and it was amazing to see the community connect there.

For information about this year's One of One events, head here