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NYE Focus: NYE Scorcher At The Tote

18 December 2015 | 4:36 pm | Artist Submission

Answered by: Harriet Hudson, NYE Scorcher organiser/singer for Miss Destiny

What will be special about spending NYE at your venue? Ringing in 2016 with thrasher Peter Hobbs, followed by a pumpin' set by Lucy Cliché — it'll be nice for the rockers to get down after shredding! What else good is on?! I swear NO-ONE is havin' a party.

What is your fondest NYE memory? All I can think of is when some other gals and I were staying in a Queensland hotel and the air con fucked up, then we got moved to a way more stunning executive suite.

What is your NY resolution? Be more productive and don't be an arsehole to anyone.

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What should I be drinking to ring in the new year? Probs a champagne.

Next year will be the year of... Havin' a really great time.

What is your hangover cure? Codeine and TV.