Newtown Festival Focus: Le Pie

2 November 2015 | 1:40 pm | Artist Submission

"I guess it's got a bit of grit but also some sweet charm?"

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Answered by: Sarah Fenn — lead singer/songwriter

Presumably you've been to the Newtown Festival before, what's your best memory? Is this a bad time to admit that I have never been before!??

What's first and why — music or stalls or bars? Porque no los dos!? I would suggest grabbing a snack from the Mary's stall, a beer from Young Henrys and finding a spot in front of the Essentials music stage!

Favourite spot at the festival to chill and watch the world go by? I'm obviously digging the view from up on the wall...

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What would be your entry into the dog show? My favourite grrrl pal, Rocket, of course! Wherever I go, she goes.

Aside from the festival, what are your favourite Newtown locations? I just love to find a bar, grab a beer and people watch on King Street the diversity of people in Newtown is what I love most about this suburb.

Why do you think your music is a good fit for the Newtown Festival? I guess it's got a bit of grit but also some sweet charm?

If you were to enter Miss Newtopia, open to any age or gender, what would be your secret to winning? Well I would probably start by changing the title of the event to a non gender-specific term! That would probably be the secret to winning...

When and where are you performing on the day? Essentials Stage, 11.15am.