Newtown Festival Focus: Jinja Safari

26 October 2015 | 1:29 pm | Artist Submission

"I'd get the best dog, and tie knives on its feet and slick its hair back."

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Answered by: Marcus Azon — lead singer

Presumably you've been to the Newtown Festival before, what's your best memory? Homemade lemonade and sunburn.

What's first and why — music or stalls or bars? I'll always try to source a Coke Zero when I roll up. Then I'll sit down and snap twigs and push them into the grass to make little booby traps.

Favourite spot at the festival to chill and watch the world go by? Miss Peaches' rooftop bar — I say that 'cause two members of our band work there so more often than not I'll get a free Sarsaparilla.

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What would be your entry into the dog show? A winning dog. I'd get the best dog, and tie knives on its feet and slick its hair back.

Aside from the festival, what are your favourite Newtown locations? The corner store on King and Missenden — got a great selection of Dr Pepper and it's open most of the night when you can't sleep.

Why do you think your music is a good fit for the Newtown Festival? Some things you just know, deep in your heart.

If you were to enter Miss Newtopia, open to any age or gender, what would be your secret to winning? Knives tied to my feet.

When and where are you performing on the day? Federation Stage, 4.55pm.