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The Music 2020 Writers' Poll: Taylor Marshall

22 December 2020 | 12:00 pm | Taylor Marshall

Here's what The Music's writers rated in 2020…

Album Of The Year

  1. GUM - Out In The World
  2. King Krule - Man Alive!
  3. Narrow Head - 12th House Rock
  4. Fontaines DC - A Hero's Death
  5. Tired Lion - Breakfast For Pathetics
  6. Vacations - Forever In Bloom
  7. Good Boy - It Takes A Lot Of Skill To Milk A Mare
  8. Glass Animals - Dreamland
  9. METZ - Atlas Vending
  10. Cloud Tangle - Kinds Of Sadness

Song Of The Year

  1. VOIID - Sour
  2. GUM - The Thrill Of Doing It Right
  3. Citrus Daze - Bloom
  4. Felivand - Trajectory
  5. Tired Lion - Waterbed

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Artist Of The Year

  1. VOIID
  2. Citrus Daze
  3. BENEE

Australian Artist Live Performance Of The Year

  1. Hey Baby!
  2. Tourist Drive
  3. Blue Savannah Underworld

TV Show Of The Year

  1. The Mandalorian
  2. The Clone Wars

Highlight Of The Year

Ironically, while this was everyone's worst year, this was my BEST year! I started working for a fantastic engineering company (building freakin' LASERS!) while also beginning my own business as a guitar pedal/cable/music tech manufacturer! I have never been so excited about music now that I'm creating things to enhance live performances (when they kick off in full swing again!) Keep an eye out for Messycable Engineering!

Prediction For Next Year

My last predictions (for 2019 and '18) were freakin' wack and I'm genuinely worried that this year's prediction of mine won't be that solid: I say that the Gold Coast's scene picks up again. It's been real slack since Miami Shark Bar was closed down (and the break-up of fantastic bands like CAKES), but with artists like Citrus Daze, the Gold Coast is set up to become one hell of a freakin' incredible community again.