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Melbourne Fringe: The Grumpy Cripple Live

16 September 2015 | 10:58 am | Staff Writer

Thane Pullan started performing stand-up comedy in 2014, having maintained a number of comedy blogs for years.
The Grumpy Cripple
is also Pullan's comedic meme-based Facebook page,
The Teachings Of A Grumpy Cripple
the title of his book, but as stand-up
The Grumpy Cripple Live
draws on plenty of other themes. "Despite the name, the show contains humour in other subjects too such as being gay and religion. Of course a large part of it pokes fun at the experiences you encounter having a disability. The show mostly is about being a gay cripple."

To many, the show's concept may seem confronting, but Pullan's work emphasises that people ought not to think like that. "When you're in a wheelchair people treat you ridiculously, because they don't know how to treat me. They think that they need to treat me different so they they do things like pat me on the head and speak slowly."

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Of all the shows taking place at Melbourne Fringe festival, one could argue this particular show is one of the most unique. While Pullan's show is of the stand-up variety, he won't be opening his mouth to talk. "Most people [on stage] talk, I do not. I created my own speech synthesis software that allows me to deliver lines. People will say having a disability makes me different but most people make fun of their own experiences, I just happen to be in a wheelchair for my experience."

What: The Grumpy Cripple Live

When & Where: 20 & 21 Sep, Hares & Hyenas