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Melbourne Fringe: How Came That Blood

14 September 2015 | 12:50 pm | Staff Writer

How Came That Blood
is a mesmerising meld of theatre, music, movement and song that explores the psychological truths behind the Red Riding Hood story: who is the victim? Who is the beast? It is a subtle exploration of the physical and emotional exploitation of the young within workplaces and institutions, and the way the exploited reconstruct their world through story."

Franklin explains that a "soup of influences" led to the creation of the work.

"This performance began with an opportunity to work with Jesse Rasmussen, writer-director from the award-winning Four Larks (The Temptation Of St Antony, The Plague Dances), one of Melbourne's most important independent theatre creators of the last five years. Jesse was a member of our ensemble in the early '00s, and we're thrilled to be reunited with her. We knew we wanted to explore that Four Larks aesthetic, and to challenge ourselves to reimagine the possibilities for youth theatre. We were fascinated by the many iterations of the Red Riding Hood story, starting with the French story The Red Cap, from the 17th century and moving through to the present day. We were playing with traditional Irish and Appalachian tunes, and with the narrative possibilities of music layered over and within theatrical performance. We were playing with group movement disciplines from the Berliner Ensemble, exploring our ability to do rather than act. We were working on all this while the revelations from the Royal Commission into child abuse filled the news. And from this soup of influences, through many hundreds of hours of work, we created our show."

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What: How Came That Blood

When & Where: 19 — 26 Sep, New Ballroom, Trades Hall