Meg Mac Discusses The Stories Behind New Album 'Matter Of Time'

19 September 2022 | 3:14 pm | Meg Mac

Australian powerhouse Meg Mac takes us through a track-by-track look of the inspiration behind her new album 'Matter Of Time'.

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Is It Worth Being Sad

I ran away, escaped and got away from everyone. Now I can see that it wasn’t really worth being sad about.

Only Love

It feels like my calling, my purpose, my happiness but it’s driving me crazy and the root of all my troubles. How can it be the source of my best and worst moments.

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I think if you put yourself in anyone’s shoes, even your worst enemy you would understand where they’re coming from. We’re all misunderstood and at the same time I think we all need to be more understanding. Singing about being misunderstood and wanting “my side” to be heard and realising everyone has their version and maybe we’re all right we just don’t understand?

Something In The Water

Something isn’t right and you can feel it… people are not what they used to be, warning signs.


I say nothing, they say nothing, and then we walk away. If I could write it all down and put it in a letter maybe it would be different.

On Your Mind

Am I the only one who feels like they got left behind, like I’ve got no one to call. But when you need me I will be there, just call me.

Matter of Time

I am about to snap.. it’s only a matter of time.

Don’t You Cry

Losing someone and trying to bring them back. If I can make them feel better and bring them back I’ll have done something good. Probably singing this to myself.


Rockbottom, crying on the floor praying for a life saver. Head on the pillow it’s all too much, I just need to rest and lay my head on the pillow and escape. There’s a storm and all this trouble and I’m trapped in the middle.