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Mark N: Storming The ‘Castle.

21 October 2002 | 12:00 am | Mike Gee
Originally Appeared In

Fistin’ Tha Night Away.

Mark N plays Triple Zed Marketday at Davies Park on October 26.

The Brisbane Tradition of the 4-ZzZ FM Market Day is upon us once again, having taken a few years break. Who could forget those past Market Days, back to seeing Regurgitator in the University of Queensland carpark, being disturbed by Black Lung in the Doof Tent at Musgrave Park or bouncing round like an idiot to Nick Taylor on top of the hill in Albert Park. Or even more memorable, seeing military forces and Queensland cops, together at last, beating the crap out of punters in the infamous riot day fiasco. And people still maintain we don’t live in a police state. Keeping with the pioneering music and fuck the establishment mentality of 4-ZzZ FM, they’ve gone out of their way to bring one of Australia’s shining lights of anti-establishmentarianism, Mark N, to Brisbane for the first time.

Newcastle resident Mark N has made a name for himself through uncompromisingly hard dance music, with his sets containing a sonic assault to the senses that included gabba and razor sharp drum and bass. He founded the record label Bloody Fist records, and has over the years released a number of poundingly distorted tracks that have gone down a treat to crowds both here in Australia and overseas.

His sets have been the main talking point for people coming back from the Newcastle Fringe festival, apparently ripping the building’s roof off and destroying the crowd. He’s finally coming up to Brisbane on behalf of 4ZZZFM, our own sonic avengers. In true Doof Tent tradition, Mark N is scheduled to hit the party last, from 9 til 10pm, following on from the Nam Shub Of Enki. We had a brief chat last week bout the upcoming show, and it sounds like Mark will be living up to his hell-raising reputation.

Can you explain the philosophy behind the Bloody Fist movement?

“Now that's easy. Go here for a detailed explanation :

You are a musician and respected artist. How does your art, particularly pieces like shithead, relate to your music?

“Oh contrariwise sir. I am neither. I did however, dabble in art for the first time a couple of months ago, with my debut piece 'Cyclic Defrost Issue One' - and what a load of old pretentious crap it was.”

How long have you been creating music for?

“I have never created music in most people's opinions - rather - I have been re-connecting bits of other people's records together for better or for worse since 1991.”

What prompted you to start, and where you an artist first?

“I shall ignore the second prong of that question. As for the first: I started to do it because it was fun and an easy way of upsetting people (especially purists who I FUCKING HATE with a passion).”

Why did you choose Australia to live in? Especially Newcastle?

“I initially had no say in it. My parents lived here because their parents were employed at the Steelworks, and I was born here during some lost month in the middle of 1973. I have never left for any great amount of time due to the fact that I enjoy the challenge of making a modest living out of something I enjoy whilst surrounded by naysayers, fuckwits, footballers and middle class arseholes in suits.”

What's the path of Bloody Fist over the next five years?

“Ask me again in 2007.”

How do you regard your audiences when playing?

“I regard audiences as onlookers only. A more interesting question would have been : 'How do your audiences regard you when playing?”

What's the top five tracks your playing at the moment?

“Madonna Is A Filthy Slut – Skkatter, Bitchkiller - Concord Dawn, Extol.Nihil – Epsilon, Alf Stewart Stunt Double - Paul Blackout, Empty Streets - DJ Hidden.”

When was the last time you played Brisbane

“I have never played Brisbane before. After this, it is entirely possible that I shall never darken Brisbane's doorstep(s) again.”

How was the Newcastle Festival this year? Is it getting too pretentious for it's own good?

“The festival was fantastic from a business perspective. A lot of local businesses (including Bloody Fist) did 6-7 weeks' turnover in 5 days. The festival is usually labelled 'pretentious' by deadshits who are sore that they are not involved with it in some way (and have a secret desire to be). Having said that though - there is always a healthy turnout of self aggrandizing wankers at any 'art' or 'fringe' festival.”

What can we expect from your headlining set at Market Day this year?

“Expect nothing. This way you will never be disappointed.”