Machine Gun Fellatio: On Strike.

2 September 2002 | 12:00 am | Eden Howard
Originally Appeared In

Gun Muthas Do ‘Ave Em.

Machine Gun Fellatio program Rage on September 7, play the Arena on September 14, Livid at the RNA Showgrounds on October 12 and Homebake at the Sydney Domain (if you’re keen) on December 7. Paging Mr Strike is in stores now.

The release of Machine Gun Fellatio’s second long player, Paging Mr Strike, sees a lifetime dream come true for frontman Pinky. It’s nothing to do with career longevity, or even sleeping soundly in the knowledge that a band with a distinctly commercially unviable name and outlook have made it this far. Nothing to do with having radio stations play tunes like Mutha Fukka On A Motorcycle or 100 Fresh Desciples when we all know they’re naughty. Not at all.

Pinky gets to program Rage.

Unfortunately, the rest of the band also have a hand in the schedule… The more easily offended may be best to stop reading now.

“You only get a certain number of songs to program, and there’s seven fucking people in my band. Never before have I wanted to kill six people all at once. We get to have about five tracks each. It’s a childhood dream of mine, to program Rage. Other people talk about ARIA’s and selling records, but I couldn’t give a fuck about those things. I would like to sell records, but awards don’t mean a fuck to me. But programming Rage… Yeah, I’ve made it. But can you imagine trying to boil your life down to five songs? It’s the biggest headfuck I’ve ever had.”

“You go, OK, these are my to five favourite songs. That’s hard enough. But the videos are all shit for those five, so you go five favourite videos. So you think, that’s a great video, but every single people programs that song. Where am I going to go now. You think, I have to program a Dave McCormack song, because he’s a great friend of mine, I have to play Pre Shrunk, On Inc, I love the Beasts Of Bourbon… The first record I ever brought was AC/DC so I should play something there, and there’s people I owe favours to, and God, I ‘m up to 160 videos… I’m can’t believe the angst it’s caused me. Just to do it on my own would be hard enough. It’s not fair, I need to kill everyone else in the band.”

I hear Chit Chat’s sick at the moment, do you get his five tracks?

“If I know Chit Chat, he could have fucking Ebola virus and he’d turn up. He could be having fucking open-heart surgery and someone would tell him he had a chance to be on TV and he’d get up, punch out the doctor, and run. That’s the nature of the man. Actually, that would make an excellent video… Because my background was in TV the rest of the band have generously let me do the clips. I’m working on the new one at the moment.”

What are we going to see next from the album?

“Have you heard the record? We’re going to do Pussytown. We were originally going to go with that as the first single, but radio went fuck off, we’re not playing a song called Pussytown.”

They played Mutha Fukka…

“Yeah, but that was before September 11 and before the world went insane and George W Bush started running the world and decided you can’t have anything even remotely fun. The world’s so grown up now. It’s a fucking horrible state of affairs.”

I saw on you website that George W sent you a letter, can’t you set him straight?

“I’ve been trying to set that cunt straight for a long time. The brother won’t listen to me. Anyway, we wanted to put out Pussytown, but we went fuck it, let’s put out Rollercoaster and see what happens. Rollercoaster went nuts, so radio stations are saying ‘we like you guys now’, so I’m thinking lets put out Pussytown and really fuck with their heads. Triple J are playing it heaps. We just want to see what commercial radio will do with a song called Pussytown. Frankly,” he laughs, “it could be a really stupid move.”

“I think, because spring is coming, so people are going to get out and fuck. It’s time to break up with the fat warm person you’ve been using as a doona for the last couple of months. Shed the doona and get out there and start fucking like a bunny rabbit, and that needs a soundtrack.”

Maybe (Let Me Be Your) Dirty Fucking Whore should get some airtime?

“That’s a KK thing, and I don’t get a songwriting credit, so fuck that, that’s never going to be a single. It’s as simple, and as evil as that. Fuck her.”