Tinnies, Good Vibes And A Boozy, Sweaty Affair

28 January 2016 | 11:26 am | Luca Brasi

"We’re more stoked to get wild with more legends!"

chapter one

This tour started off with a bang with a sold out Melbourne at the Northcote Social Club. Poor ol’ Brawlers had difficulties flying into Australia and ended up getting here too late to play. However, our great mate and fellow Tasmanian Lincoln Le Fevre opened up the night playing a set made up of Patrick and Thomas’s requests.

chapter two

We have a lot of love for Adelaide and always look forward to getting back. The last time we played there was completely insane and this time was even crazier. So much singing, hugging, and crowd surfing – the best vibes. Tyler needed a little quiet time after the set to cool down. Shout out to Jem from Endless Heights for driving the backline so we could keep smashing tinnies on the rooftop.


chapter three

Next stop saw us playing The Brisbane Hotel in Hobart (AKA best pub in the world!). Brawlers were intrigued about this whole ‘shoey’ thing. They seemed disappointed when we told them we are long retired, but a few of the punters were keen to show the poms how to be a dickhead in Tassie.


chapter four

As I said, the Hobart show was incredible! To be playing sold out shows in the pubs where we cut our teeth is amazing and we are so stoked and appreciative. Having all our mates who were at the house parties where we played rough acoustic versions of Theme Song From HQ and Isaac Bowen back then made it even more special. We’re a very lucky band.

chapter five

We played our first show at The Royal Oak in Launceston in March 2010. It was so crazy to us that we were an actual band, that had a demo and actually played a show. A lot has changed in six years, but one thing that hasn’t is that playing shows in Launceston is always going to be a boozy and sweaty affair. Now we could show a picture of Tyler all passion and fist pumps to an enthusiastic sold out crowd, but everyone was too pissed to take a photo. So here is Yug on the roof of the Oak instead.


chapter six

Pretty stoked with how this thing is looking and the pending sell-outs of the last two. We’re more stoked to get wild with more legends!

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