LOSER Go Track-By-Track For 'Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget'

6 June 2023 | 11:03 am | Mary Varvaris
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Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget is out now.

Photo of LOSER

Photo of LOSER (Credit: Ian Laidlaw)


LOSER have been one of the most exciting bands in the Australian punk and rock scene for a few years, and on their latest EP, Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget, they’ve embraced innovation and acknowledged the power of singles while appreciating the format of a longer release.

“This whole EP is about self-discovery. It’s about ignoring the distractions and digging deeper within yourself to find out who that is, what they want, and empowering yourself to be true to that,” LOSER’s Craig Selak revealed in a statement.

“The name ‘Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget’ is a reflection of that. We want to be a band that plays big stadiums and big crowds, but right now we’re recording the whole thing in our own backyard studio, touring hard as an opening band, and appreciating every moment of the journey without losing sight of our goals, or the reason we want to achieve them.”

To celebrate the release of Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget, guitarist and vocalist Tim Maxwell has taken Kill Your Stereo track-by-track.

1. Heaven Can Wait

This song was written back in 2019 and was intended to make it on our first album, Mindless Joy. It felt like too much of a leap forward for the sound at the time but now it’s making its debut finally! The song's lyrics portray my feelings towards the fear of death and anxiety, back then I was an anxious wreck and always thought of the worst-case scenario in my head.

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2. Hold On You

This is probably my favourite song on the EP. I started listening to heaps of Aerosmith and this song fell out in like a day. Usually, the songs that take less effort are the ones I think are special because your subconscious is running in a way unlike any other. The song is about having a deep connection with another human being who you never want to let go of.

3. Only One

The ballad of the EP, this song took ages to get it right. We recorded it multiple times and I doubted it for a while but eventually, we got the right sound. Only One is one of the first love songs I have written, no matter how many times you fuck up in life there will always be someone by your side to support you and give you hope. 

4. The More I Know

After lockdown it was hard to get back to regular programming, I lost faith in playing music and I was questioning whether I wanted to do it anymore. Craig and I sat down and punched this song out in a day, the lyrics are the most meaningful on the EP. It’s about getting out of that rut and wanting to succeed more than ever after spending so much creative energy trying to make ends meet.

5. Sunday

This entire EP was recorded and produced in our backyard studio Restless Noise. We learnt a lot doing it ourselves and this song in particular was really fun to put together. We wanted to take the classic rock trope of loud soft loud and inject more of a classic Beatles chord structure. Sunday much like the day of the week kicks off lazily but builds into something you might not expect.

6. Starting Over 

This song was one of the last songs written for the EP. Another one that's in the vein of The More I Know. After the pandemic, it felt like starting from scratch again. However, so many things had changed and people grew apart. I always thought no matter how we all aged I would stay close to all my friends but humans grow up and this song is about that. No matter what happens in life all I can think about is being distracted by being on the road and doing what I love.

Stadium Dreams On A Bedroom Budget is out now. You can listen to it here.