LISTEN: Art vs Science - You Got To Stop

11 February 2016 | 5:27 pm | Staff Writer

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A number of Aussie acts have slammed NSW Premier Mike Baird for his defence of the lockout laws including Flight Facilities, Nina Las Vegas and Yolanda Be Cool, but now you can add dance trio Art vs Science to that list, who have released a brand new song directed at the politician.  

The group announced the release of the funky new track, entitled You Got To Stop, on their Facebook page today. 

"You could have made public transport available from kings cross late at night, or changed the taxi changeover time, or allowed venues to choose their own closing time (like the UK did)," a statement directed to Baird reads.

"You could have encouraged other nightlife venues to be made further away from the city. You could have addressed the latent aggression of a society divided by money and social status, bubbling to the surface after a few drinks. But you didn't. You and your government chose instead to throw the baby out with the bathwater."

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Check out the lyrics to the song below. 

You were raised in the shadow of a war
And brought us up inside a room with padded walls.
Suffocating from how tightly we are held
You can hold us close but you can't bubble wrap the world.

You got to stop!
You got to stop!

How can we breath when you squeeze so tight?
Just let us go it'll be alright.
You say protection but it's all too much.
Tell us it's hot hot HOT! Too hot!
We all still need to touch

Don't you fear for us
Fear is not the thing we need
Don't you fear for us
Fear is your worst enemy
Time for you to trust
Cause you got to let us go
Where we go, how we roll, when we go yeah!
Let us go where we go, how we roll, when we go yeah!

You got to stop!

Lock us out, lock us in and lock us down
Turn this wild city to a sleepy little town
Misguided rains you're pouring heavy from above
But you can't contain the flames of the fire that we love.

Oh yeah, alright!
What's bringing us together is gonna save us tonight.