Lisa Mitchell Waxes Lyrical On Some Fave Lyrics In Honour Of New Album

22 April 2022 | 12:38 pm | Lisa Mitchell

We couldn't be a music site without being just a littttttle bit obsessed with lyrics - which is why The Music team are asking some of our favourite artists about their favourite lyrics in the series, 'Wax Lyrical'. To celebrate the release of her new album, ‘A Place To Fall Apart’, Lisa Mitchell shares lyrics that have stuck with her.

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A lyric you wish you’d written

"Terrified, for knowing in my time, for all the parts per million, for unstoppable design." - The Weather Station - Complicit 

A lyric you think is perfect

"With its deep water, and mountain range, and full of those hard-living kind, petrol stations and a copper mine, the kind of place I think I could die." - The Middle East - Deep Water


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A lyric that makes you happy

"Barefeet on the wooden floor, coffee on the cooker, this is where I lay my heart, lay my heart." - Rachel Sermanni - Lay My Heart


A lyric that makes you sad

"Love is a blue light, and you’re standing under it, I wish I could make you see, all the love you're bathing in.’ - Mazde - Vital Signs feat. Lisa Mitchell

The most “underrated” lyrics

"There’s a drummer and a dreamer, and you know there may be more, she will love them when she sees them, they will lose her if they follow, and she only means to please them, and her heart is full and hollow, like a cactus tree, while she’s so busy being free." Joni Mitchell - Cactus Tree

Your favourite lyric from your new release

"There’s no word for ‘nature’ in Noongar language, another Western madness, welcome to rehab." - Supporting Your Unravelling