Just Visiting: Gold Medal Famous

12 February 2016 | 12:34 pm | Artist Submission

"It's short holiday from our day jobs in a school, an office and a bookshop."

Answered by: Chris Wilson

Why are you coming to visit our fair country? To play some shows, eat some food, see some sights, visit places like Avenue Bookstore, Astor Cinema, and visit friends and family. We're keen to some some local bands. 

Is this your first visit? It's our second visit. Gold Medal Famous played four shows in July 2015 and had a great time.

How long are you here for? Four days. It's short holiday from our day jobs in a school, an office and a bookshop. We want to get some more summer weather as we're from Wellington, New Zealand.

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What do you know about Australia, in ten words or less? It's very large and has some good bands. 

Any extra-curricular activities you hope to participate in while here? Eating dumplings, going to art galleries, walking round, going on trams and drinking some beer.

What will you be taking home as a souvenir? A good book. 

Where can we come say hi, and buy you an Aussie beer? At The Old Bar on 25 Feb from 7.30pm with Morpheme and Mia Schoen.