Ice Cream Sangas

29 January 2016 | 2:55 pm | Staff Writer

For when you can't decide whether you feel like eating ice cream or cookies. Why not have both?


Biskit Bar

New on the 'cream scene, Biskit Bar is a food truck slinging cold dairy goodness to the masses. The options at Biskit Bar cater to those with a zest for sugary combos. Pop-rocks and marshmallow sauce are a couple of their cold stone remix options, and you can switch from a cookie to a churro or waffle sandwich if you please. You gotta risk it to get the biskit.

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The ice cream and fudge sandwich is a staple of Huxtable's menu. Regularly switching up the flavours, Huxtable keeps one of their most popular items fresh and exciting each time. What's not to love about a couple of shortbread biscuits jammed with ice cream and piped with warm fudge?

Jock's Ice Cream & Sorbets

This beloved ice cream maker has a bit of a cult following when it comes to their ice cream sangas. Flavours rotate often, and include Baci Bomb, pistachio, salted caramel date, sticky date, chocolate walnut espresso praline... They make all of it from scratch and use only the best ingredients.

Words: Xavier Fennell


Reuben Hills

This cafe offers up what they call the Doggs Breakfast. It's vanilla ice cream sandwiched between chocolate sponge cake, with a dollop of the hero: salted caramel. A must-try on Reuben Hills' menu.

Cremeria De Luca

Surely the next step up from the ice cream sandwich is the ice cream burger. At this gelateria, you can get one or two scoops of your favourite flavour of gelato wedged between sweet brioche buns, and you can also choose to top it all with panna (Italian sweet whipped cream) and Nutella.


This one is very grown-up. It's white chocolate gelato between two layers of thin toffee wafers and topped with dulce de leche (the grown-up salted caramel). It looks very sensual.

Barrio Cellar     

Not too sold on the idea of cookies or wafers? What about churros? At Barrio Cellar they do a Churros Sandwich: dulche de leche ice cream in between flat churros, then drizzled with dulce de leche for good measure. More like dulce de-licious, are we right?! Sorry.

VIC & NSW & beyond

Pat & Stick's

You can find these delicious creamy babies in a whole lot of stores and restaurants. They might be pre-packaged but old mates Pat and Stick take the utmost of care handmaking every single one, baking the cookies and mixing the ice cream the old-fashioned way. Flavours range from vanilla lace to peppermint choc chip. They're classics using only the best ingredients.