Six Pack: Hoodlum Shouts

2 May 2012 | 6:00 am | Tony McMahon

Mike Caruana, guitar player with lush Canberra outfit Hoodlum Shouts, tells Tony McMahon all about his band’s debut album, Young Man Old Man.

“We recorded it in March of 2011 and, while we would've loved to get it out as quickly as possible, we were happy to sit on it to see what release opportunities might arise. Finishing it also coincided with some of us shuffling around the country so the decision to hold it back was kind of made for us. It wasn't until late-2011 that [label] Poison City got on board and so we knew it was worth the wait. The thought of it being an album we'd be remembered for wasn't in our heads, the focus was more about trying to make something we could be happy with and proud of regardless.”

Matt Voigt, who has produced for Dirty Three and Midnight Oil amongst others, was called in to work on Young Man Old Man, and Caruana says the choice was a real no-brainer.

“We figured he'd understand what we were trying to achieve. A few people recommended him and seeing as we're inspired musically and sonically by so many of the artists he's worked with, it was a natural choice. Turned out he was a really good guy with lots of ideas and encouragement, and he had a genuine care for the project.”

When it comes to what they've got in store for Queenslanders with their live shows, it seems that Hoodlum Shouts are all about the mood.

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“Live you get the added element of venue ambience – the clatter of glasses, the chit-chat, the heckling – which becomes part of the songs as well. Playing live for us is less about trying to replicate exactly what's on record and more about upping the intensity and enjoyment and seeing where the mood of the night can take us.”

Hoodlum Shouts will play Thursday 3 May, X&Y Bar; Friday 4, Between The Walls (all ages)