Here's Why You Should Be Excited For Neil deGrasse Tyson's Australian Tour

4 July 2017 | 2:44 pm | Simon Holland

Charismatic boffin Neil deGrasse Tyson made his bread transmitting scientific information through entertaining documentaries and shows and is now on his way to Australian shores. Here's why you need to attend Neil deGrasse Tyson: A Cosmic Perspective.

Nova ScienceNow

A PBS style TV doc series with naff overlays and fundamentally weird ideas features Tyson at his finest – the '90s feel to the series is immensely entertaining. It’s come a long way since the early days; initially, picture Carlton from Fresh Prince Of Bel-Air mixed with David Attenborough and talking about the Universe and our beginnings as primordial gloop. Answers some excellent questions.

400 Years of the Telescope

Equipped with the unique ability to think and imagine, the sense of wonder is deeply engrained in our development, and literally in our DNA.  In 400 Years NdGT explores the chronological passage of discoveries of the telescopes as well as looking for intergalactic threats such as meteor impact.

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A spinoff of NdGT’s fantastic podcast, the show operates as a free-flowing discussion between a revolving series of qualified guests. As the host NdGT directs the questioning and makes top-notch Dad jokes. Not confined to space, StarTalk can wander into other areas which he commentates and explains for those of us with an IQ under 140.

YouTube Lectures

Going down the rabbit hole on a Friday night has now become a staple activity across the world and with on-demand knowledge in just about anything at your fingertips there is little wonder why. NdGT holds some of the most amazing lectures regarding astrophysics and the origins of the Universe – delivered with the smoothness of (and coincidently best enjoyed with) a glass of a single-malt whisky.


The gold standard in space/time wonder shows. Cosmos broke ground in bridging the gap between top flight academia and general public consumption. The '70s original, written and hosted by the irreplaceable Carl Sagan, NdGT does an excellent job of taking the series into a new era, and to a new generation of thinkers.