Have You Heard: Dollarosa

15 August 2012 | 2:30 am | Staff Writer

Have you heard of Dollarosa? Apparently they're an "energetic bunch of dudes"!

How did you get together?
Lachlan Dann (frontman): “The current line-up came together as a natural progression from our old frontman needing to leave the band and myself stepping up. I had known most of the guys for more than half of my life and even before the band, we were all best mates. I have never seen any other band with a bond as strong as ours, and that is something I find pretty special.”

Sum up your musical sound in four words.
“Energetic bunch of dudes!”

If you could support any band in the world – past or present – who would it be?
“Everyone in the band could probably agree that it would be amazing to be able to support Thrice. They have been a big influence to me in particular and have evolved and matured their sound over the years into something that is always able to inspire me.”

You're being sent into space, you can't take an iPod and there's only room to bring one album – which would it be?
“I would probably take Michael Jackson's Thriller. Maybe in space, I will finally be able to nail the moonwalk.” 

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Greatest rock'n'roll moment of your career to date?
“Being able to work with the amazing talent involved in our new record. We got to work with two Grammy award winners in JR McNeely (Paramore, Underoath, Anberlin) and Tom Coyne (Adele, Michael Jackson, Jay-Z), along with our amazing producer Tyse Lee.”

Why should people come and see your band?
“No matter where we play or who we play too, we offer every ounce of energy into every show. We don't fit into any particular scene but love what we do and aim to earn the time and respect of anyone listening.”