Harry Potter Threads & Family Time On Stage: On Tour With Alex The Astronaut - Part Two

30 October 2017 | 4:41 pm | Alex The Astronaut

The tour continues.

This week I've just been chilling out and preparing for a big weekend of shows. We start my diary at the Landsdowne in Sydney, for my first sold out, hometown headline tour show! I met Oly Sherman before who was the winner of the Sydney support competition and opened the show. It was a really warm room and we had a few singalongs.

Mum and Dad were very, very excited.

Next it was off to Wollongong Uni Bar. I only got this very bad photo of me and show poster and information on to how to give blood. I had a Hawaiian pizza again, (the only thing I've been eating all tour) and then had a beautiful fun show.

The awesome Ruby King opened the show. She's 16 and had been at school during the day. She has HSC assessments this week. Good luck to her and she killed her performance.

Then it was off to Melbourne to play at Howler. Emily Soon's marvellous voice opened the show and then Clea hit the stage. Clea, (who is just a legend and a great performer) supported and here is the only photo of us I got together. She's supported me at all the shows so far on the tour and she has been great. Highly recommend looking up her music. Melbourne was the last show we did together. GO CLEA. AND GO EMILY, both killed it.

On the day of the Melbourne show, I decided to get my Uncle Luke and my cousin Hamish to play guitar on stage with me for my song I Believe In Music. This is me and Hamish learning how to string a guitar. We did it wrong a few times but got there in the end.

This is my Uncle Luke's press shot. He's a STAR.

The Melbourne show was AMAZING, the whole crowd was so supportive and awesome I had the best time! I didn't want to leave. I wore my Harry Potter top on stage and told the audience about it.

Hamish and Luke and I had some drinks after and partied long into the night. I told everyone at the bar Hamish was a rock star.

Today I've just been chilling out and talking to Izzy the dog and Violet the chicken. They have a love/hate relationship. I hope they're friends but I'm not sure.

I also met this dog called Abby who I told you about. She is cool.

Great weekend, I had fun, I'm going to have a nap and I'll be back for my last entry on the Perth show next week!