HALESTORM Interview & Album Review for 'BACK FROM THE DEAD' - Out This Friday!

4 May 2022 | 10:05 am | Lili Jean Berry
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There’s not much I love more than an incredibly powerful woman in heavy music so chatting to Lzzy Hale of HALESTORM was an absolute HONOUR.

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Halestorm release their fifth studio album, ‘Back From The Dead’ this Friday, May 6! After 4 years, the record birthed from frustration, loneliness & low times during lockdown will be unleashed upon us & let me tell you, it's FIERCE. Lzzy experiments with her vocals like never before, adding a depth of almost screaming to her already phenomenal voice. The record takes you on a journey & despite covering some dark themes, ultimately comes out quite optimistic.

Watch the full chat with Lzzy HERE:


The record comes out swinging with the opener, first single and title track ‘Back From The Dead’ we get a series of absolute bangers with the following tracks 'Wicked Way's' & 'Strange Girl'. The fourth track, the standout for me on the record is 'Brightside'. The song has lyrical content heavier than the rest of the record & you will hear me chat about it at length with Lzzy in the interview. The latest single 'The Steeple' is so incredibly catchy. You'll find this one is going to be stuck in your head for hours after listening to it.

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The album takes a change of pace with ‘Terrible Things’. A ballad that heroes each member's talent & gives you a breather from the bangers with this emotionally charged track. Then the record launches into almost a second wind. 'My Redemption' & 'Bombshell' are PUNCY AF. But 'I Come First' is another HUGE standout with Hale 100% confirming to you that she is the queen. 'Psycho Crazy' is your last taste of grungy hard rock before we hear the very last & possibly most powerful song, 'Raise Your Horns'. This song is an absolute anthem. It will be the epitome of Halestorm's live performance & is the ultimate sing-a-long we all need after a challenging few years. You can feel every shred of the band's emotions on this track & you will feel it too.

Overall, it really doesn't have any flaws. It's the perfect length, every track is engaging, they have stepped up a level in their production & you will feel the emotion on every single song. Well done, Halestorm.

Secure your copy of 'Back From The Dead' by pre-ordering & pre-saving HERE.

In addition to the record, the band have announced their first graphic novel. 'Hyde Manor’ is available for pre-order now. We chat through how the story of Hyde Manor relates to themes & stories you will experience when listening to 'Back From The Dead' in the interview above. 

As for when we will see Halestorm in Australia? Watch to the end of the Lzzy chat for a little insight!