Stretching Silly Into Absurdity

22 March 2016 | 2:15 pm | Staff Writer

"It wasn't until I stumbled into the name Guy Montcomedy that I knew I was ready."

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If you head along to Guy Montgomery's MICF show, he promises, "I will host, shower, feed, entertain and clothe everyone in the audience for 60 minutes. I want my audience to arrive nude, hungry and grubby so they can really feel the difference once I'm done. (Not all of that is true.) During those 60 minutes I will also perform the best possible hour of stand-up I can perform on that given night. I like to take very simple and silly observations and stretch them out into absurdity; I have been touring some of these jokes for a year now so I am very excited to bring them to Melbourne.

"I have always wanted to do a solo show in Melbourne, but found the size of the festival and amount of phenomenal other comedians performing at the same time quite intimidating. I've been doing stand-up for five years now and it wasn't until I stumbled into the name Guy Montcomedy that I knew I was ready." (You've gotta admit his show's title is a stroke of genius.)

When asked what happened the last time he was heckled, Montgomery shares, "I had a full-blown nervous breakdown onstage and paramedics had to drive the ambulance into the venue and strap me down onto a stretcher. I was kicking and flailing and it was a real scene, it took them over an hour to get me in the ambulance and in that time we made a real mess of the venue. The venue was in a heritage building so I am embroiled in an on-going legal battle with the City Council to this day. I think the heckler should pay, the Council sees things differently."