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15 July 2015 | 3:53 pm | Staff Writer

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Member answering/role: Danny Kenneally (guitar)

How long have you been together? We’ve been together approximately five years with a couple of years where we hada break to find members etc. The past year-and-a-half is when we’ve been hitting it hard with new members.  

How did you all meet? I met Ravi back at the start through a show he was putting on, my vocalist bailed on us so Ravi jumped in and that’s when APF started. We met Jon, Glen and Christian through bands we’d played with along the way. Their bands didn’t work out so they ended up joining APF.

You’re on tour in the van – which band or artist is going to keep the most people happy if we throw them on the stereo? ’d probably say a safe pre-show band would be something like Attila, Emmure or Chelsea Grin. After the show I’d say something like Eminem or Fronzilla to change the sound from heavy music for a bit.

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Which Brisbane bands before you have been an inspiration (musically or otherwise)? Funnily enough we used to really love The Dawn Addicts, which was Jon’s old band and we loved Ashes Of December too which was Glen’s old band. Currently Aversions Crown are a Brisbane band that we all enjoy.

What part do you think Brisbane plays in the music you make? Brisbane is a very tight and small ‘scene’ for heavy music. Everyone sort of knows everyone so anything that happens gets around fast. This has always been a big drive for us to expand and show people there’s more than just Brisbane and more than just Australia, etc. We like to push boundaries and aim high. 

What’s in the pipeline for the band in the short term? This year we’ll be doing another Aussie tour, then in early 2016 we’ll be heading off to USA to do a couple of tours there as well as getting in the studio. At the moment we’re mid way through writing our album which is coming along really well. 

As Paradise Falls play Dead Of Winter Festival at the Jubilee Hotel on Saturday 25 Jul.