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Grand Final Focus: Beach Road Hotel Bondi

25 September 2015 | 5:01 pm | Artist Submission

"We have it all; we have three big screens and six TVs in the bar."

71 Beach Rd, Bondi

Answered by: Lauren Barbato

Is your venue screening both the NRL and AFL Grand Finals? Absolutely, you can watch all the action live here at Beach Road. Go the mighty Roosters!!!

What is the viewing situation during the big games? Are there any big screens? We have it all; we have three big screens and six TVs in the bar, multiple TVs in the TAB and sound across the entire venue. Everywhere you look you can catch the action.

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Watching the big game can be thirsty work — will there be any drink specials on the day? We have put on Footy Final Beer Jug Specials. Grab your mates, a table and you are set for a round.

What's happening in the way of pre- and post-match entertainment at your venue? Friday upstairs Timberwolf is playing. Saturday 5am: NZ v Georgia; YOURS upstairs from 8pm. Sunday: Australia v England 6am, UFC #192 Cormier v Gustafsson 12pm, Escape Sundays 2pm. Monday: DJs in the backyard from 3pm.

When push comes to shove (as it so often does in grand finals) why do you believe your establishment is the best place to experience all the action? A Roosters venue known for showing all the action live on the big screens. The biggest venue in the East with plenty of room to catch it; get here early so you don't miss out.