Gordi On The Places That Made 'Inhuman'

23 August 2022 | 1:39 pm | Gordi

Gordi takes us through her favourite places in the cities that made her new EP 'Inhuman'.

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Folktronica superstar Gordi has just released her new EP, Inhuman, featuring six transfixing tracks that explore the trials of humanity, from love and identity to faith and religion, traversing the spectrum of sorrow to celebration.

Created over the past three years, the EP came together from a range of sessions in Reykjavik, Los Angeles, Melbourne, and Wisconsin, providing new inspiration and perspective.

In addition to those places, Gordi also balanced work as a doctor, assisting with under-staffed local hospitals in Melbourne and regional Australia during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. Both of these different experiences formed the backbone of the new EP.

In celebration of its release, she takes us through some of her favourite places in the cities she visited that helped comfort and inspire her through the three tough years of creating the EP.

Reykjavik, Iceland

Coffee spot: Reykjavík Roasters - such a vibey little place. They always have records playing and delicious bread with all the little jams, and the best coffee.

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Cold beer + music spot: Kex Hostel - I stayed here while I was making my first record (which is when I wrote 'Stranger') and I played a gig there during Iceland Airwaves. The hostel has a great bar, with live music every other night.

Place to unwind: Sundhöll - this is the local pool, which I used to go to most evenings, because they have thermal baths. Nothing like a good steam.

Brunswick, Melbourne VIC

Quick bite: Juanito's - very cute little spot for coffee and sandwiches. There's two options - meat or no meat. They have all the fresh ingredients up on the counter and whip it together for you real quick. And I don't know what they do to the butter but they do something and it's bloody delicious.

Coffee spot: Code Black - my usual coffee spot, it's super close to where my studio was when I was finishing this EP. Perhaps some of the best coffee in Melbourne.

Dining: Good Days - real bougie, delicious Vietnamese. The Chicken and Rice will change your life.

Canowindra, NSW

Food/coffee/homewares: Finns Store - this place is a huge vibe. Serving up coffee, homewares and extremely wholesome rural hospitality. The building is historic and back in the 1940s, my grandmother's uncle ran it as a general store.

Coffee/snacks/plant shop: Perennialle Plants - not only a plant nursery, but a super cute coffee shop. When they first opened, the local Anglican Church were trying to get rid of their old grand piano. So my Dad put the grand piano on his front-end loader and drove it down the main street to Perennialle where it now lives and is spontaneously played by passers-by.

Los Angeles, CA

Eating: Night + Market Song - best place for Thai street food and natural wine. The staff and decor rule. You're in for a spicy night.

Cold beer: Bar Flores - my favourite LA watering hole.

Sport and food: Dodgers Stadium - I'd never had a michelada before and then I went to my first Dodger's game and it's now my favourite thing. The true experience is to have a michelada, a dodger dog, garlic fries and peanuts, and then fall asleep in the sun.

Eau Claire, WI

Coffee spot: Soul Brewed Coffee Roasters - excellent people, excellent coffee.

Cold beer + live music: The Oxbow Hotel - great place to rest your head and quench your thirst. Also owned by my friend Sean Carey of S. Carey and Bon Iver.