Goran Sedlar: Give It Up!

22 April 2002 | 12:00 am | Staff Writer
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Goran Sedlar plays the Carina Leagues Club on Friday and the Caloundra RSL on April 26. All proceeds from the CD go to the Queensland Institute of Medical Research.

It’s not just rock and roll’s big players that find time to work for a charitable cause. Local performer Goran Sedlar has been working for some time now raising money for the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, who are developing treatments for cancer.    

“A friend of the family died of Cancer,” he explains. “We found out a while later, and obviously it affected the whole family. A few months after that I saw a program on the telly about the Queensland Institute of Medical Research, and they were looking for people to do fundraising. I was going to release my debut CD, so I basically picked up the phone and said what can I do. I suggested donating the proceeds of the CD and we had a few meetings.”

“We printed up 500 CDs, and every cent goes to the Institute. We were hoping to raise $10 000, and we’ve raised 3000 so far. I’m not a signed artist or anything, so I though I could do something worthwhile for society.”

Through his musical career Goran has worked with artists like Rose Tattoo, The Skyhooks and Johnny Diesel.

“Like a lot of other people I’ve been in and out of bands,” he explains. “The biggest moment was performing at the entertainment centre with Alanah Miles a few years ago now. I remember having a bet with a mate of mine saying whoever plays the Entertainment Centre first owes the other a bottle of Jack Daniels. In the break between one of the songs I said ‘I made a bet with a mate that whoever got to play this stage first is owed a bottle of Jack Daniels’. It was a classic corny rock thing, so I said ‘If I had a bottle big enough I’d shout you all a drink…’ The whole place went up and I though, so that’s what it feels like.”

The CD is available at shows, or by contacting Goran via email at goransed@yahoo.com.au or on the web at www.geocities.com/goransed. Proceeds go of CD sales go to charity, so purchase is tax deductible.

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