Five Things You Didn't Know About Bluesfest's The Selecter

26 February 2016 | 4:18 pm | Artist Submission

"Pauline Black's family immigrated to Australia in the mid '60s as ''£10 Poms'."

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In the lead up to the Byron Bay Bluesfest we spoke to some of the 200 artists who will be performing over the five day festival, which kicks off on 24 Mar. We found out five fun and wacky things about The Selecter:

  1. Pauline Black's brother was a bassist in two Australian punk bands, The Kelpies and Soggy Porridge in the early '80s in Sydney.
  2. Gaps Hendrickson grew up in St Kitts and helped his grandmother cut sugar cane before he went to school as a young boy.
  3. The dear departed trombonist Rico Rodriguez, The Specials' original trombonist, played trombone on Black & Blue from The Selecter's Too Much Pressure album.
  4. Neil Pyzer, producer and tenor sax in The Selecter, was an original member of Spear Of Destiny. He currently has his own instrumental single out — Ich Bin Ein Berliner.
  5. Pauline Black's family immigrated to Australia in the mid '60s as ''£10 Poms".