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Field Day: Hanging By A Moment.

3 March 2003 | 1:00 am | Peter Madsen
Originally Appeared In

Melting Moments.

Field Day play Griffith Uni lunchtime today and Wednesday night and Her Majesty’s Bar on Thursday.

Sydneysiders Field Day play up a storm on their new EP In A Moment. The massive sounding recording reeks of commercial potential, and showcases a band well and truly at the top of their game.

“I think where we are now is where we've really been working towards for the last five years,” vocalist/guitarist Jason Hicks explained. “I'm really happy with the different shades and emotions it has brought to both Empty Space and Better Days as I think it conveys so much emotion in the music. It was also fantastic to work with an arranger and see their interpretation on your songs and to really delve into the different aspects of the songs.”

“The style and arrangements of the songs are a lot different than what we have done in the past. They're not quite so standard. We spent a lot of time honing guitar sounds and really creating some beefy guitar lines than what we have in past recordings. We spent about two months on pre-production alone which I think has really paid off and made us learn a lot more about where we are and where we're heading musically as a group.”

How do you look at what you achieve when you record? Is it a snapshot of the band at a particular time, or do you look at it as a tool to further hone your craft?

“The name of the EP is In A Moment so it's definitely taking a snapshot at where we're at at the moment. I don't think we're the kind of band that will ever say we've reached our golden sound though so it's also a strong stepping stone for us both musically and on a production level.”

What are you most proud of on In A Moment?

“The songwriting. I think we just stepped up another notch as individual's and as a band. Personally my favourite is Empty Space because it's so close to home and means a lot to me however I really just love the light and shade of this recording. It's the two ends of the spectrum - the simplicity of Speak To Me compared to the crazy classicalness of Empty Space is something that I find really special. I think overall it showcases what we are capable of on all levels which is great and I'm really proud that we've pulled that off.”

Rightfully so.